Decors & Extras

Experience the complete event solution with Manor Marquees! Elevate your celebration with our extra ancillaries, designed to enhance every aspect of your event:

    What We Can Offer…

    From intimate party celebrations to a large spectacular once in a lifetime event, with over 27 years of experience in erecting Marquees and Temporary Structures we are confident we can meet all of your needs.


    With Manor Marquees’ extra ancillaries, every detail is taken care of, ensuring your event is a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Let us elevate your celebration to new heights!

    Versatile Seating Options

    Choose from a diverse range of tables and chairs in varying styles to suit your theme and guest preferences.

    Pure Air Heating

    Our indirect fired heating units ensure a comfortable atmosphere without compromising air quality, expelling all fumes externally for pure, fresh air.

    Dance Floor Extravaganza

    Get the party started with our customizable dance floors, available in solid wood, acrylic, or colored tiles, tailored to any size or shape you desire.

    Ambiance Enhancements

    Create the perfect atmosphere with our blackout linings and star cloth illuminated linings, adding a touch of magic to your event space.

    Stylish Bar Units

    Impress your guests with our solid wood bar units, providing both functionality and elegance to your event setup.

    Licensed Bars

    Sit back and relax knowing your beverage needs are covered with our fully licensed bars, offering a wide selection of drinks to keep the party going.

    We are also able to organise the following on your behalf –


    Table linen, glassware and cutlery




    Flowers from a recommended florist

    Bucking bulls, sumo wrestles, bouncy castles and more

    Self contained luxury toilet units

    Silent generator sets which provide power

    Our Decors